CompanyArt, Palisády, Bratislava, October 2011
New Town Gallery Bratislava, August – September 2012

Coronari 111 ArtGallery, Rome, Italy: SOGNO DI UNA NOTTE DI MEZZA ESTATE, July 2014
LINUS Galleries, Pasadena & Long Beach, Los Angeles: “Vulnerability vs Strength” / one of the winners (3 paintings) for the online gallery
ArtMeet Gallery, Milan, Italy: “Women In Art”, October 2014
ArtMeet Gallery, Milan, Italy: “The Invasion”, november 2014
ArtStudio, Venice, Italy: “Prebiennale 2015”, March 2015
ARTVILNJUS’15, Lithuania, Ufofabrik Contemporary Art Gallery (IT), June 2015
International Gallery of the Arts:“The Abstracts”, May 2016
The New Bohemian Gallery, Minnesota: “Sketchorama Exhibition”, November 18, 2016 – January 14, 2017

ANTHOLOGY OF VISUAL ARTS & CRAFTS: Arteziana Publishing, Toronto 2014
ARTASCENT, Art & Literature Journal
, October 2014
Abstracts Event Catalogue, Florida, October 2014

Best of Show & 1st Place Acrylic, Abstract Art Competition, Focus Point Shape International Online Art Gallery, USA, 2014
Honorable Mention Award: Color, Line& Form Art Contest; Arteziana, Toronto, 2014
Special Merit Award: Abstracts 2014; Light, Space& Time, Florida, 2014
Special Recognition Award: Abstracts 2014; Light, Space& Time, Florida, 2014
Special Merit Award: Abstracts 2015; Light, Space& Time, Florida

Opening at CompanyArt Gallery, Palisády 33, 811 06 Bratislava, october 2011

Installation at Wustenrot, ŽIlinská 9, Bratislava, january 2012

Installation at Vision IT, Tower 115, Bratislava, february 2012

New Town Gallery Bratislava, august – september 2012

ATOS IT Solutions and Services, Westend Business Park Bratislava, 2014