katarína sujová-kalmanová Katarína Sujová Kalmanová (1976) – was born in Slovakia, residing in Bratislava. She graduated from the Faculty of Education in Fine Arts, Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa in Nitra, Slovakia.

In her professional career she has been concurrently working at the marketing field and developing her art language as well. Her paintings are mostly mixed media or acrylic.
“In my paintings I try to capture everyday situations and feelings that touched my soul. Painting is the opportunity for me to look inside, to unleash what is behind the story… I paint directly on the canvas, and I am letting the process and the adventure go. My often inspiration is nature. I look close at forms and colours I search around, circles and lines for example repeating in my works. Besides it all, I like if the picture tells the viewers their own story. Abstraction and mixed media is what allows me to be wide-open to all shapes and colours, and its upredictable combinations.”

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Best of Show & 1st Place Acrylic, Abstract Art Competition, Focus Point Shape International Online Art Gallery, USA, 2014
Honorable Mention Award: Color, Line& Form Art Contest; Arteziana, Toronto, 2014
Special Merit Award: Abstracts 2014; Light, Space& Time, Florida, 2014
Special Recognition Award: Abstracts 2014; Light, Space& Time, Florida, 2014
Special Merit Award: Abstracts 2015; Light, Space& Time, Florida, 2015